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Customs brokerage

  • Certificate of inclusion in the Register of Customs Representatives.
  • Implementation of customs clearance at any customs authority of the Russian Federation, depending on Customer’s logistics.
  • Total number of issued declarations on goods consistently exceeds 10 000 per year.
  • Experience as a customs representative since 2002.
  • 40 specialists in customs operations, having a qualification certificate issued by the customs authorities.


Customs consulting

  • Advising on customs legislation and regional practice of customs clearance.
  • Advising on the implementation of international economic activity in terms of customs legislation.
  • Analysis and development of logistic schemes of movement of goods to optimize customs clearance.
  • Drafting of import and customs clearance of complex technological equipment, components and spare parts thereto.
  • Classification of goods in accordance with the ETH FEA CU.
  • Examination of documents submitted for customs clearance.
  • Drafting of documents required for customs clearance.
  • Preparation of documents for preliminary classification decisions and decisions on the classification of goods in unassembled or disassembled state.
  • Advising on the preparation of documents to confirm the customs value of the goods.

Customs clearance covering any customs procedure

  • Registration of FEA participants with the customs authority.
  • Checking of completeness of the package of documents required for customs clearance.
  • Product code identification.
  • Calculation of customs duties.
  • Preparation and submission of the declaration of goods.
  • Preliminary examination of goods.
  • Drafting of letters, appeals and disclosures in the process of customs clearance.
  • Representing the interests of the customer at the customs inspection / inspection of goods.
  • Payment of customs duties.
  • Payment of terminal services.

Legal support and representation of clients with customs authorities of any level

  • Preparation of draft letters and appeals.
  • Consultation and coordination with the customs authorities of procedures, ETH FEA CU codes, and customs value of goods.