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Rail Freight

Railway transportation is one of NEK's key activities. We consider using the railway system in CIS countries to be the most reliable form of cargo transportation. Moreover the cost of this kind of transportation is less than any other kind of transportation.
NEK Group has organized a network of offices in strategically important areas of the CIS railway system (Astrakhan, Rostov-on-Don, Sankt-Petersburg, Novorossisk, Novosibirsk, Nakhodka, Yuzno-Sakhalinsk, Usinsk, Martsevo, Gukovo, Odessa, Tchop, Brest, Byslovskaya, Aksarayskaya, Valuyki, etc ).
NEK’s subsidiary, Transoiltec company, is the official forwarder of the Russian Railways Ministry, which allows our clients to pay lower tariffs and significantly reduce time in making tariff code payments.


  • Coordination of railway transportation.
  • Drawing up shipping documentation packages.
  • Payment of railway tariffs (export, import, transit).
  • Agency services at border posts.
  • Tracking, forwarding and documentation of shipments, border crossings, unloading and empty tanks return.
  • Surveys and inspections.
  • Coordinating and performing loading/unloading.
  • Dispatcher services.
  • Transportation of hazardous bulked cargo (NEK is one of the developers of an accident avoidance and response program for emergencies that may occur during railway transportation of hazardous cargo).
  • Consulting.