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NEK Group of Companies consists of expeditor, service, and transport companies.

NEK Group of Companies focuses on logistics services in the area oil and gas industry and provides related services.

NEK companies comprising the Group hold a Customs Representative License (Certificate).

The base of NEK Group of Companies was laid in 1992 through foundation of JSC “Nezavisimaya Energeticheskaya Kompaniya” (Independent Energy Company) in Moscow, Russia.

NEK Group of Companies today:

  • Over 700 employees;
  • 40 branches, offices, and legal entities in Russia, Netherlands, Belorussia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan;
  • Team of professionals;
  • Partners in European Union, Great Britain, Canada, USA, China;
  • Over 100 world-renowned clients.

Professional level of NEK Group of Companies structural units is confirmed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate.


NEK Group of Companies offers transportation and logistics services:

  • Transportation by all means of transport;
  • Customs clearance services;
  • Transportation of hazardous, over-sized, and super-heavy cargoes;
  • Comprehensive logistics services for regional projects;
  • Development and implementation of IT systems to the client tasks;
  • Warehouse services: general storage, and customs bonded warehouse;
  • Related Services (consulting, insurance, purchasing).


For more information about our services, you can use the contacts page or directly contact the company representatives in the regions.