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NEK Group of Companies offers a comprehensive list of warehousing services to its customers: cargo receiving, storage, processing, and accounting as per cargo type and application scope:

  • Development of a service package defined by Client’s tasks.
  • Well-organized accounting system for cargo storage and movements based on NEK SCM system modified according to Client’s specifications.
  • Sorting and consolidation.
  • Reporting on current stock and cargo movements.
  • Cargo marking and coding for its automatic recognition and addressing.
  • Packing and re-packing.
  • Cargo processing on special Client’s orders.
  • Loading/unloading works of any complexity.
  • Preparation and printing of cargo documents.
  • Cargo insurance. 

Notwithstanding Client’s requirements NEK’s basic warehousing package includes:

  • Cargo receiving at a storage facility, counting, packaging integrity check, examining of unpackaged cargo (in case of discrepancies a legal М7 form is filled and filed).
  • Optimal cargo placement with regards to safety and dimensions requirements (dangerous and bulky cargoes are stored separately).
  • Accounting: cargo receiving, movements, storage recorded in NEK SCM system.
  • Full inventory once a moth.
  • Industry-standard marking.
  • Filling and printing of storage forms and waybills on state-approved forms.