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Оversize & heavylift cargo

NEK Group of Companies offers services on outsize cargo transportation using special mode of transport as well as all types of related services, i.e. customs, warehousing and others.

Transportation of heavy and outsize cargoes is a special category of freight services; weight, overall dimensions and other cargo characteristics don’t permit to use usual modes of transport. Processing equipment, industrial containers for food and chemicals, grinding machines, production structures, beams, pipes, turbines, construction equipment – each cargo has its own peculiarities and requires individual working out.

Key factor determining successful cargo delivery is professionalism, knowledge and practical experience of freight forwarder including:

  • Employees experience in similar projects implementation.
  • Technical and documentary project formulation, efficiency of paperwork required for transportation and first of all specific permits
  • Qualified selection and assessment of equipment and subcontractors.
  • Possession of update information about availability and condition of specialized and handling equipment.
  • Experience of operational coordination with road services, traffic police, power supporting and communication services etc during route coordination and auxiliary works on route.
  • Engineer preparation of transportation. Building of beach landings, transfer platforms, temporary roads and technological passways. Reinforcement of bridgeworks and roadbed. Removal of obstacles, power lines and communication wires etc.
  • Ensuring safety measures during transportation, hazards minimization during working-out of routes considering road situation and speed conditions.
  • Agreement of terms and conditions of nonstandard cargo insurance with insurance company excluding high risks in payment refusal.
  • Competitive prices.