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IT solutions

NEK Group of Companies offers to its Clients the following data services:
Management of logistics business processes using modern software.
Cargo accounting and performance control based on in-house software system.
Automatic generation of reports of any level of complexity, both standard and built upon Client's requirements.
Integration of NEK's software system with that of a Client irrespective of the Client's information system type.
Development and implementation of hard- and software solutions geared for Client's tasks.
On-line cargo and rail fleet tracking.

IT Development

NEK Group of Companies has extensive experience in IT support for logistic services. NEK's IT Department professionals are capable to develop and implement IT projects for automation of both Company's operational units and those of NEK's Clients.
Key benefits of NEK's information system:

  • Single Information space accessible to both Company's office workers and mobile users.
  • In-house developed software system for automation of logistic services. 
  • Data processing center accessible 24x7. 
  • Ability to integrate with a wide range of corporate software systems of our Clients and partners: 1C®, SAP® R/3®, Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, etc.

NEK Software System

NEK Freight System® (state registration certificate № 2007614053)
The system is designed to automate operational planning, management, and control of the Company's forwarding subdivisions:

  • Registration and tracking of Contracts with Clients and Subcontractors.
  • Operational interaction with Clients and Subcontractors.
  • Contract fulfillment tracking.
  • Financial transactions and analysis.
  • Other business activities.

The system takes into account specifics of operations within the framework of companies and holdings spread out administratively and geographically. It is also designed to cater for specifics of international companies. The system is scalable from small-size organizations to companies numbering hundreds of employees. NEK Freight System runs since 2001.

Current version: released on 22.05.22.

NEK Rail Track System® (state registration certificate № 2008614571)

The system is designed for automation of forwarding companies' railroad units:

  • Preparation of a full package of documents needed to dispatch loaded and empty cars to customer as well as to send cars for repairs.
  • Precessing of data on cars arrival to destination station and unloading (discharge) at customer.
  • Registration and analysis of car data on leasing and repairs.
  • Monitoring of fleet stored on tracks.

NEK Rail Track System is in use since 1998 in NEK's largest project.

Current version: 5.6.31 released on 29.07.22.

NEK Tracking System® (state registration certificate № 2008614572)

The system is designed to automate control of rail cars and containers movements:

  • Data collection and filtering through multiple checks for accurate reporting on car actual location and movements.
  • Control over payments for transit declarations upon receive of authorization for internal customs transit or international customs transit.

Tracking System functions since 2000 and provides unrivaled data service for major NEK customers.

Current version: released on 21.06.22.

NEK Web Tracking System®

The system is designed to visualize the tracking data of wagons and vessels in current shipments, as well as to monitor the current location of wagons in Fleet.

NEK Web Tracking System is in use since 2017 in NEK's largest project.

Current version: 1.83.138 released on 15.07.22

NEK Planning Tool® (state registration certificate №2017615799)

The system is designed to automate the planning of loading and dispatch of railcars, vessels.

  • planning of sales volumes and railroad codes.
  • planning of rail shipments and maintenance shipments.
  • vessels planning.

NEK Planning Tool is in use since 2017 in NEK's largest project.

Current version: released on 29.07.22

NEK Carier System®

The system is designed to automate the support of forwarding services.

Current version: released on 15.04.22

NEK Supply Chain Management System™

The system is designed to automate cargo supply management cycle including large-scale construction projects:

  • Supply contract terms control.
  • Warehouse control and reporting from supplier's warehouse to transit warehouse to destination warehouse.
  • Legal responsibility for cargo.
  • Preparation of all required documentation for shipments by any type of transport.
  • Functioning in a geographically distributed environment.
  • Marking and bar-coding of goods.

The system functions since 2005 on NEK's major projects (Naryanmarneftegaz, CPC, Schlumberger, SGC, Bashneft, Sibur) 

Current version: 4.22.3 released on 03.04.22