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Truck Freight

NEK Group of Companies has wide experience in Truck Freight logistics. We specialize in transportation of technological equipment and materials for various industries. For these purposes we use our own truck fleet as well as transport facilities of our reliable partners in Russia and abroad.
Our services include:

  • International and domestic truck freight logistics.
  • Transportation of dangerous (ADR), oversized and heavy cargoes.
  • Consolidation and transport of joint cargoes.
  • Transportation from Europe to Kazakhstan and Central Asia.
  • Trucking on its own fleet of containers on the Sakhalin island
  • Local transportation of goods in Moscow, St.Petersburg, Astrakhan
  • Transportation on winter roads at Russian North and Siberia
  • Tracking cargo location and reporting.
  • Terminal handling.
  • Fastening, packing and marking.
  • Working-out of routes.
  • Preparation of transportation documents package.
  • Insurance.
  • Consulting.

Modern truck fleet
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